Mobilize Your Congregation

Our Purpose / Our Passion

  • Prayer Saturated lives throughout our congregation.  

Our Objectives

  1. Every Family – Prayer Permeated
  2. Every Ministry/Activity – Prayer Integrated
  3. Every Community – Prayer Penetrated
    • Every neighbor. Every neighborhood.

Our Strategy

  • Identify people you will pray for daily
    • Neighbors. Coworkers. Friends. Family.

  • Pray for those who are lost to be transformed by faith in Christ
  • Pray for those with less to see new blessings from the Father
  • Pray for those who lead (influencers) to become dependent upon God

  • Begin to pray as a congregation every Sunday (all-church gatherings)
  • Invite every person to discern a list of the people they are led by the Holy Spirit to pray for daily (distribute simple prayer guides)
  • Ask each ministry leader to devote a tithe of their meeting time to outreach-focused praying
  • Utilize church communication (newsletters, social media, prayer chains, bulletin boards) to inform, invite and include every-one in the prayer challenge

*  *  *  *

Secrets to Mobilizing an "All-Pray!" Strategy in Your Church


Prepared by Phil Miglioratti 

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