Lead.       With Prayer.

A Leadership Lab to Equip You To Buld/Reset A Prayer Culture throughout Your Ministry

*Small Groups*   *Youth/Adult Ministries*   *Congregations*   *Organizations*

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Phil Miglioratti - -

This book is fillled with content and resources you can use in a varieyt of ways over an extended period of time.

Set your course with these objectives:

  1. I will learn to lead my church/ministry with prayer. I will take a month (or longer) to read and heed. 
  2. I will invest a year (or more) in teaching and leading my leadship team into new principles and practices of praying.
  3. I will invite our congregation/ministry, along the way, to follow our lead into a reshaped culture of prayer and praying.



Ministry Trandforming Components


  •  Succinct Summary/Overview (page 209)
  • Your Roadmap: 3 Journeys; 14 Teaching Insights (see Table of Contents)
  • Mentoring Prayers (at conclusion of each chapter)
  • Praye Practicing Tools (each chapter; also online)
  • Teaching Templates (various lists in each chapter)
  • Life-Changing Stroeis (embeded into each chapter)
  • Habits-Techniques-Practices



Strategy-Driven Steps

  • Read
    • Slowly ponder, listening for the Holy Spirit
    • Underline paradigm-shifting insights and ministry-transforming ideas


  • Plead
    • Ask Seek Knock for guidance as you read
    • Invite intercessors to pray for you as you read toward a personal reset
    • ...that will lead to reenvisioning prayer and praying throghout you ministry


  • Heed
    • Begin to practice new habits, even in group settings
    • Set new routines and invite others to join you


  • Seed
    • Share successes and struggles about your jouney
    • Post quotes (social sites, church bulletin, newsletters)
    • Add your responses; successes and struggles
    • Leave readers with big questions (“What if we ____”)
    • Use these free "Lead With Prayer" tools>>>
    • ...then utlize them 


  • Weed
    • Involve appropriate leaders to help reassess
    • Identify barriers: unattended meetings, unengaging formats, powerless traditions
    • "How can we eliminate _______?"


  • Feed
    • Preach a series
    • Teach a seminar
    • Guide a small group


  • Breed
    • Coach leadership
    • Purchase a book for each committed leader
    • Meet for discussion, accountablity
    • Identify new leaders

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