This is an accurate assessment of our current partisan-pandemic.

And, it applies, not only to the parry you oppose, but the party you defend without any critical analysis of its blind spots and weaknesses.

"The decline of cultural Christianity will likely result in more people satisfying their religious impulse elsewhere. Entertainment could be one avenue. Politics is more likely.

Even worse, the marriage of entertainment and politics, with partisanship on the rise, will lead people to

  1. hold their political views with a fervor generally reserved for religious conviction,
  2. treat people with different political views as “evil” or “heretics” who deserve to be hounded out of the public square and “burned” at the social media stake, and
  3. find their deepest sense of belonging in whatever group shares their “identity,” and thus fall prey to an identity politics that is ruthless in its obsession with and quest for power."  Trevin Wax

#ReimagineCHRISTIANITY...to become the Church centered upon Christ not wandering to the left or comforted by the right.

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