• WHAT?  - What is the "1-Question" leaders must ask in order to #ReimagineFutureChurch?

Am I becoming a disciple worth multiplying and making disciples worth multiplying? 


Curtis Sergeant  *  Missional Multiplier; Church Planting Strategist


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• SO WHAT?  - What makes this an urgent need for leaders to contemplate/explore/discuss/pray into?


Multiplication is God's idea and has been an emphasis He has made since creation.  Multiplication is only good, however, if what is being multiplied is good.  If God doesn't answer your prayers for multiplication, that may be His mercy.



• NOW WHAT?  - What action do you recommend we initiate?

A free ebook that can provide some helpful guidance is available at https://TheOnlyOneBook.com.  Some very introductory online training can be accessed for free at https://zume.training.




Lord, please continue to conform me to Your image so I can be a disciple worth multiplying and make disciples worth multiplying.

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