Cru has a long term DNA of win-build-send. My perception is that CRU trains its staff to do this in ways that would have the best opportunity to achieve  measurable success according to the nation, people group, language, customs, culture, socioeconomic and "preferred learning" of the targeted audience being pursued. With this observation, I feel CRU Inner City Jax is like a caterpillar inside its cocoon trying to break out and become a butterfly.  CRU Inner City Jax primary target is African American with secondary being Hispanic. With the exception of my church, our targeted ministry partners are African American and Hispanic. I would like to hear your thoughts regarding the pastors and leaders of urban ministries and how they feel about using Your Life in Christ and Practical Christian Living as printed curriculum in the win-build-send strategy for the Inner City. 

I learned today that 60 to 70 percent of our population prefer story telling to the written word. And the more I listen to Cru's Orality CD, the more I see the American inner city like a foreign nation with its own culture, values, and preferred learning methods. We all want to win-build-send in the inner city. Our struggle is methods and tools to be successful with. Earlier this week at First Baptist, there was over 1,000 people going through a rehearsal as counsellors for the Franklin Graham Festival of Hope. They reviewed the process and printed materials. In the sanctuary there were over 1,000 whites and maybe 6 blacks. Is this telling us something? What is this telling us?  Come Lord Jesus and reveal to us how You want us to win-build-send in our sphere of influence. 

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