Designing a #ReimagineCHURCH Journey

Every congregation/ministry/group must "be transformed by the renewing of their (corporate mind-set ... So that they begin to pray with and make-disciples who live according to the goo, -fulfilling, perfectly-suited will of God,"  (Romans 12:2)

Components applicable to congregations/ministries experiencing:

  • Plateaued or declining attendance
  • Apathetic leadership
  • Mission drift (confusion, disinterest)
  • Changing neighborhood demographics
  • An interim season between full-time pastors
  • Beginning as a new church plant
  • The need for revising as a step toward reviving

The components of a congregational/corporate reimagine-journey:

  • A Strategy of Prayer:
    • For our church to seek the discernment and direction of the Holy Spirit
    • For our leaders to collectively yield to the mind of Christ
    • For our membership/participants to receive a daily filling of the Spirit
    • For our people to respond to neighbors  with the heart of Father God
  • A SWOT Assessment
    • Strengths: Our calling in Christ; Spiritual Gifting, Resources-Facility-Location
    • Weaknesses: Blindspots, Fears, Resources-Facility-Location
    • Opportunities: Neighborhood diversification, Community needs-issues
    • Threats: Our decline-apathy-enemies
  • All-The-Church Gatherings
    • A Conversation with Our Leader (an evening of prayer - Worship)
    • A Conversation with Our Leadership (questions, comments, prayer)
    • A Conversation with One Another ("Who are you?" - Fellowship)
    • ...consider beginning with a meal
  • Special Sunday Service Focus (a week-by-week, monthly rhythm)
    • The Word - devoted to teaching a story or text from Scripture
    • The Table - devoted to celebrating our salvation from Jesus
    • The Truth - devoted to applying a promise from Scripture to our life
    • Body Life  - devoted to worship: psalms, hymns, scriptures, sharing
  • Sermon Series
    • #ReimaginePRAYER... from the prayers to the Ephesian church 
    • #ReimagineDISCIPLESHIP...from the teachings of Jesus
    • #ReimagineCHURCH... from the "one another" commands in scripture

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