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  • Declare the sovereignty of God; that in all circumstances we trust the God who is:
    • God and Savior -for body, soul and spirit
    • Great Physician -heal, reveal insights for medical treatments
    • Prince of Peace -quell panic, reduce fear, bring unity
    • Wonderful Counselor - wisdom to decision-makers, comfort
  • Ask for God's protection of your health, so that, you will be strong to serve/care-for others.
  • Ask the Lord to guide your church leadership to reimagine how to respond to your community.
    • In prayer: Daily online prayer "gatherings"
    • With care: Delivering meals, shopping for elderly
    • To share... the good news of Jesus
  • Pursue the leading of the Holy Spirit in how to pray for those on the  frontlines : First Responders Care-givers. Doctors. Testing (patients). Testing (vaccines).
  • Pursue the leading of the Holy Spirit in how to pray for those who are serving on a national/international level: Scientists, Governors, Coordinators. Presidents of the Nations
  • Pray "So that" prayers:
    • Begin each prayer with a declaration you are praying "in the name (authority) of Jesus."
    • When you have expressed your praise or petition, interject "so that," and explain how God's purposes and promises can be achieved through the requests you have made.
      • "Lord God, I present these needs to you in the mighty name of Jesus; our Lord and Savior...
      • "Reveal the path to a vaccine to scientists who are seeking new medical treatments to combat the virus...
      • "SO THAT, many will be healed, this pandemic will be defeated, and the world will know that our God is a gracious, loving, caring God."
    • For the Church:
      • "Jesus, as we pray in your name, seeking your will to be done on earth as it is in heaven...
      • "We humbly ask you to reveal to leaders in the Body of Christ new ways for the Church to respond to this crisis with our prayers, our love, and the good news of the Gospel...
      • "SO THAT, many find hope and respond to your love with faith in Jesus our Savior."

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  • Two Love-Your-Neighbor / Prayer-Care-Share resources for "Emergency" response

    From the author the The Incarnational Church and one of our Coaching Sessions interviewees.

  • We care deeply about you and our community especially as we are all feeling the impact of COVID-19 in our community. While we had to postpone Love Modesto until October 3 to prioritize the safety and well-being of our community members, you and others can still make a difference now! We have launched, with the support of our county and city leaders, as the platform to help those in need during this crisis. Together we can support our community, especially those most vulnerable such as the elderly and ill. 
    Please share and attached poster with your contacts and social media channels? Help us get the word out letting everyone in our community know how to "Get Help" and how to "Give Help" during the weeks to come!
    We will get through this together! 
    Love Modesto | 1401 F Street, Modesto, CA 95354
  • From a colleague . . .

    Hi Phil. You may remember me from a few years ago. I was a missionary pastor based in France and you kindly sent me a book on prayer. My name is Wayne Hadley. 
    We've since returned to England and are involved in a small church near to Birmingham.
    I know you are really involved in getting people to pray for the USA and the world. This present crisis called Corona virus is a really demonic fear stirrer and the world is in panic. This will cause so much hurt and damage to individuals and economies and I feel the Lord would have His church 'Arise and Shine' in prayer and repentance for the return of the fear of God in our nations. You have so much contact and therefore a Godly influence to call your pastors and leaders to pray. 
    I know that your President Trump called a day of prayer. You may not agree with him and some of his values but his call to pray was right. 
    Darkness is covering the earth and the peoples and we need to pray against it.
    I hope this all makes sense. 
    I pray you'll call your contacts to pray, to kneel before the Lord and allow the nation to see His light
    In Jesus
  • "What kind of memories are you building, even now, for your children and loved ones about the coronavirus outbreak of 2020? Thirty years from now, my prayer is they will they speak of things like more family time, serving others, and most importantly, hearing about the love and goodness of Christ." —Dane Hays
  • A simple outward focused prayer template - - 


    - Pray for specific people (doctors,, care-givers, restaurant servers, pastors)


    - Pray for specific problems they are facing (exhaustion, supplies, suddenly unemployed)


    - Pray for specific places (nearby hospital, businesses, nursing homes, schools, churches)

    SO THAT?

    - Pray with specific purpose (Heal/Help that... they may trust you as they serve others)

    [visit Pray.Network]

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