I imagine you're back into the swing of things as the fall ministry season has officially started. The same is true with us.

But before we dive all the way in, I wanted to share about a special experience I had last month. We were invited to be part of something called the Future Church Initiative. It's something that looks to identify some of the most exciting kingdom innovations happening in the church and then through a pretty rigorous process, put some training and funding behind a select number of them.

I have to tell you, it was really inspiring to see all the ways that God is at work in the North American church in some really different and surprising ways. I found myself energized by seeing what others are pioneering.

And so we wanted to share with you THREE of the innovations we found so energizing. Maybe it's worth your time to investigate; but mainly, I just want you to be encouraged that Jesus is on the move through his people!

Mission Church & Myron Pierce
This kingdom work is located in an overlooked, neglected and forgotten neighborhood of Omaha where poverty, violence and incarceration often seem like they have the final word. But in the midst of this, Mission Church is finding new ways to bring hope through leadership development, evangelism, small business incubators and a focus on underprivileged kids. Ultimately, they are looking to see an expression like this in every inner city in the United States.

Disciple Making Lab & Catapult
The idea is simple: What if every church not only had a discipleship plan, but had one that worked? (Most churches don't have a plan that's working.) The Disciple Making Lab helps a church create a discipleship plan that works, but rather than import a strategy from another place, it's built on that church's own unique DNA: their theology, vision, mission, values and convictions. After all, perhaps one of the best ways to grow a church is through growing people.

Truth Republic & Carrie Williams
There are very few places women can go to get training and equipping to live out their calling, as well as leadership investment. There's definitely a large gap there. What makes Truth Republic so compelling isn't just that they have a solution for this gap, but that wherever a church may be on the complimentarian/egalitarian question, their process still works. It's about making Jesus known by equipping and empowering women to fulfill their calling.

I hope this encourages you and for some, that it connects you to ideas and resourcing that you might need in this next season of leadership.

We'll talk more soon.

Will Plitt and the National DeliveryTeam

PS: We are OFFICIALLY back on the road! If you're a city who's wondering what collaboration could look like, we'd love to talk about an "Envisioning Day!" If you'd like to hear more, just reply back to this email and we can set up a call.

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