This is a no frills “newsletter” for now. Let us know what you think and improvements that we should make. 


I hope you will read, weep, rejoice and PRAY as you read this journal. Our goal with these weekly journals is to inform you and how we can work together to transform apartment communities in Middle Tennessee and beyond for the sake of the Gospel. . 


I have 3 options at the bottom of this journal for you to consider moving on with us. Thank you in advance for your prayers and your willingness to walk with us. See you next Wednesday!


For His Glory!

Gary B. Jennings, Executive Director, CityLife


the wednesday journal


twj> Here is a little info about CityLife. 


twj> If you don’t have a set of core values that guide your ministry, then prayerfully take a look at Final Command Ministries’ as a guide. I have added one to make it mission specific for CityLife. These 6 core values guide, direct, and hold us accountable in all we do. They are the foundation and the representation of who we are and how we serve apartment communities. 


twj>  We have several compassion ministry opportunities and events scheduled in June. Call/text Gary at 678-231-1601 if you would like more information and/or if you want to volunteer.


twj> Did you know that 50% of the US population live in apartments? 


twj>  By the way….95% of those who live in apartments don’t know Jesus as their Savior. 


twj>  Today and every Wednesday is our prayer and fast day. Why?


twj>  Why pray for apartments? Why not? 


twj> One prayer request….please read


  • Email gary.b.jennings1@gmail.com if you would like to….
    • …join our prayer team. We send out a prayer guide on the 1st & 15th. You can opt out anytime.
    • …volunteer with CityLife. You can email Gary and/or let us know more about you by clicking HERE.
    • …financially support CityLife. Donate here


CityLife is a faith-based, non-profit organization committed to joining God in transforming apartment properties into flourishing and healthy communities by serving with purpose.

 Our ultimate goal is to make and multiply disciplemakers.

Thank you for walking with us!!!


For His Glory!!!


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