An Israelite of the 8th Century B.C. reacts to the prophet Hosea:
You know what I can't stand about Hosea? It's not just that he criticizes us--although that's bad enough. It's that he doesn't criticize the nations around us. It should be the other way around. Those nations are more wicked than we are. His so-called "prophetic ministry" should be focused on them, not on us.
He seems obsessed with what he calls our "adulterous" idolatry, and yet he says nothing against them. If our idolatry is bad, theirs is worse. He may not like our relationship with the Lord, but at least we've got one, unlike them. Why doesn't he condemn them? It's as if this so-called "prophet" likes the Egyptians and the Assyrians more than his own people.
And yet he also criticizes us for seeking alliances with them. What's wrong with that? We need protection! We may not want to get it from one of them, but what are we supposed to do? We need to be realistic: we need to make a choice! We choose the lesser evil!
Who does he think he is? Who's he to criticize us? Who's he to criticize our relationship with God? Who's he to criticize our foreign alliances? How dare he call us adulterers! He's not perfect either: just look at his marriage! If we're so bad, why doesn't he shut his mouth and leave? He should go to Assyria, and see how he likes it there!
We'll stay where we are: the home of the righteous--safe and secure.

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