I am a leaader in a small international church in the Netherlands, we have a very diverse group of people attending in a very diverse community that attracks many international students and expat business people.


We are looking for the best Investigative Bible Study or seeker study video series for use at our church.  We had used the Alpha Course due to its sheer name recognition here in Western Europe.  We moved away from it this year to a similary series called " Christianity Explored".  They both have their pros and cons.  But the one thing the both share that we are finding a bit problematic is that they are done in very British English and at times the accents are difficult for some of our English as a Second Language participants.


Are there other series like these in American English or Basic English that might work better to ESL participants?  Have others found great material to answer basic questions of seekers?


Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Tim

    We are currently going through Alpha at our Church in Wirral (near Liverpool) England. We are not using videos, but are using the book material and our local Pastors are giving the talks themselves. If you did this that would get round the Southern English accent.

    Hope that is of some help

  • @ Ian - Due to the international nature of our church, there are few of us who speak clear enough English that could give such a talk. We would like to use the material in more like a home setting, (four home groups in place of 1 church building group). We don't have 4 qualified speakers.

    It is an option though, personally, I would love the challenge of being as dynamic and witty. But we would like to multiply the efforts, instead of depend on myself to do everything.
  • You may want to try the NEW TRIBES courses called FIRM FOUNDATIONS. They were designed originally to take the Gospel in unserved tribal and mission areas. I have purchased the complete FIRM FOUNDATIONS "kit" - powerpoint presentations, maps, posters, etc. along with a CD. I am not sure if they also have DVDs to accompany but you can check out at http://www.ntmbooks.com/firm_foundations.
  • Another one you might consider that is particularly good for university students, I think, is Focus on the Family's The Truth Project.
  • @ Jerry - Thanks for the link. I checked it out, and you are right the reading/English level is on, but the series is too long for what we are looking for today. I think that might be good for the next step after we have done the Investigative Bible Study/seekers study.

    We are trying to get them to commit to a brieft 10 week study.

    But I liked the material and will reference it in the future. Thanks.
  • @ sean - Wow, the Truth Project looks very interesting and I would love to lead some people through it one day. however, my challenge is that we are working with many unchurched people who are using English as a Second language. To me it appears that project would fly right over their heads.

    I need simple, challenging, dynamic presentation to unchurched ESL people from outside the USA.

    I love the suggestions - you are all exposing me to new and exciting things, just not what I am looking for yet.
  • Yes, I see your problem. In that case, then, I would suggest The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus. I have never had an opportunity to use it myself, but I have heard very good things about it.
  • Have you tried showing the Jesus Film? It has impacted millions of lives all over the world. At the end of the film there's an invitation for anyone to come to the Savior. The Jesus film is basically the book of Luke in film.
    I hope this helps. - Jasmin Dyck
  • @ Jasmin - Yes, very familiar with the Jesus film and know of power around the world. We are looking for a kind of weekly study that you could invite non-church people to help them answer the question " what is this Christian thing? Who is Jesus? How does it differ from Buhhdism or Animism etc.?
    @ Sean = The stranger looks promising, I will take a deeper look. Thanks .
  • You might want to look into some of the Navigator's materials, or Youth With a Mission (YWAM). I'm not sure if they publish anything that is specific to Inductive Bible Study, but they are both organizations that have a thrust in global missions and evangelism, so their materials may be more suited to your needs. As far as Inductive Bible Study materials go, Kay Arthur and Precept Upon Precept Ministries has been a leader in that area for decades. She has studies that are sold both in bookstores/on-line as well as studies that are just sold through the ministry.

    As far as the Truth Project goes, it is great, but I don't think it's what you're looking for and it is definitely geared towards US audiences rather than international. I just checked my bookshelf, and I think you will find what you're looking for in the Navigator's materials. The one I've used in the past is called Design for Discipleship. The first book in the series is called Your Life in Christ. It has 4 lessons laid out in an inductive study format. You could work on the answers together, or work on them individually and share your answers in your meeting. There are other books in the series, all set up the same way, giving you the option of as many weeks as you want. Of course, I am assuming that you are working with materials written in English. I'm not sure if these books have been translated into other languages.

    I hope this might be helpful. God bless.
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