A Prayer for Our Nation




I Bless America & all it’s citizens with Eyes to See, Ears to Hear and a Heart to know the Truth of the Gospel.


I Bless America with a spirit of receptivity to the Gospel of Jesus Christ !


I Bless America with SALVATIONS unlimited.  Every man, woman and child to receive Eternal Salvation.


I Bless America with MORE of God’s Holy Spirit to be evident in their lives.


I Bless America with all the Gifts of the Spirit of God resident in their lives.


I Bless America with a heart after God.


I Bless America with a hunger after God’s Holy Word and the ability to read and recall the Word as needed.


I Bless America with The Whole Church taking the Whole Gospel to the Whole Nation.


I Bless America with an abundance of Evangelists in their midst.


I Bless America with cutting edge Evangelism to take place in our media and communications outlets.


I Bless America with creative and witty inventions of updated presentations of the Gospel.


I Bless America to be Truth Seekers with hearts after the One, True God, the Lord God Jehovah.


I Bless America with Dreams and Visions of Jesus Christ.


I Bless America with discovering the Legacy of Faith in it’s history.


I Bless America with Bible studies taking place at work, in neighborhoods and schools.


I Bless America to receive back to it’s shores the #’s of Missionaries sent in the last 100 years for God’s work.


I Bless America with Bible believing Christian leaders be voted into office at every local,state & federal office.


I Bless America with Judges in Courts that will uphold God’s law and not man’s laws.


I Bless America to fulfill it’s Godly destiny.



I Bless America with a new found heart for prayer to God.


I Bless America to see it’s prayers answered by God.


I Bless America with testimonies untold of God’s hearing and answering their prayers that change men’s hearts.


I Bless America with a Spiritual Awakening across the entirety of the nation.


I Bless America with a new found trust in God their Creator just as it states on it’s dollar bills.


I Bless America with a renewing of their minds to be the minds of Christ thru God’s word.


I Bless America with a gift of giving to supply the needs that will open hearts to the gospel.


I Bless America with favor with the nations of the earth and God.


I Bless America with experiencing God as Father that repairs and replaces the Orphan Spirit.


I Bless America with God’s Restoration to their Souls thru Jesus Christ.

I Bless America with HOPE.


I Bless America with Signs and Wonders from the Father’s Hand.


I Bless America with Biblical Values to live by that produce much fruit in the lives of our people.


I Bless America with a rain of the Spirit of God the likes of which has never been seen before.


I Bless America with a new generation of Emerging Leaders whose lives are based on God and His Principles.


I Bless America with a Spirit of Hospitality to host Bible Studies and Home meetings for Worship & Prayer.


I Bless America with a New Song from the Lord.  A Song in their hearts for LIFE and LIFE more abundantly.


Pat Allen

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  • AMEN and AMEN! I have been searching our site and can find no current activity in many of the groups. I pray that people are not giving up due to the darkness that keeps invading at every turn. It is time to turn on and turn UP the light of Salvation;s promise. Remembering the words of Jesus! Remembering the prophets and their words of warning and as we look stand on the very threshold of the second coming of Christ!

    On another note, I am from Chicago and now live in Minnesota, but once lived in unincorporated Palatine out on Rand Road...way before whatever has happened there now,.  raised my kids near a lamb farm and a little soda shop called Morke's. Kids went to schools in Schaumburg and other surrounding cities.

    God bless you my brother in Christ!

  • Thank you for your encouragement!

    We live 1/2 mile from Morkes...
This reply was deleted.