A Mini-Course in Prayer Evangelism

A Mini-Course in Prayer Evangelism

Prepared and Curated by Thomas Bush of Prayer Assist

"Prayer is responding to God's invitation to come into His presence"

  1.   Prayer Evangelism: Praying and Sharing
  2.  Evangelism Self Assessment Notes by Dean Osuch
  3.  Evangelism Preference Assessment by Dean Osuch
  4.  Father's Love Letter: God's Promises to Those Who Believe
  5.  Prayers of Blessing
  6.  30 Day Prayer Calendar: Pray for a Person/Purpose
  7.  10 Most Wanted~ Praying Thankfully for the Lost Yet to Believe
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Thomas Bush, Director, 
Prayer Assist Ministries (http://www.prayerassist.org/),​ 
Director, Community Impact ROI, (http://communityimpactri.org/), 
thomas.bush.sd@gmail.com, Cell: (619) 742-8694 * 4755 71st St, La Mesa, CA 91942  


  • Prayer Assist consults with and equips pastors, leaders and faith-based organizations to produce more prayer-energized disciples and ministries.  
  • Community Impact ROI:  Connecting Business, Non-Profit, Faith, and Government Leaders To Make Communities Better 
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  • Our Expected Outcomes ~

    We will

    -      Engage in meaningful periods of prayer and reflection

    -      hear the vision for prayer and evangelism in preparation for easter from your pastors

    -      have Opportunities to hear and apply God’s word personally and as a group

    -      Connect with the heart of god for prayer and evangelism and the 3 l’s Love, Laborers, and Leadership or spiritual empowerment

    -      remember what God has done for us and write a short personal testimony

    -      learn about evangelistic styles and connect with the style that works best for us

    -      encourage everyone to grow their prayer lives to be a 4-quadrant prayers, praying prayers according to the will of God

    -      conclude by praying for our personal growth in prayer and evangelism and the growth of our churches in prayer and evangelism

    -      Along the way we will use prayer tools and tips for personal prayer and prayer with others

    -      Reminder all prayer is an invitation from God.  Would you join me in being open for Lord ask us to be available to be an answer to our own prayers?

    -      Take a moment and pray for yourself that you will be open to the invitations the Lord is offering you today.


    Thomas Bush

  • More from Prayer Assist ~

    Prayer Assist Prayer Fundamentals

    Prayer Assist has received requests to provide prayer training for prayer leaders and others with a heart and passion for prayer.

    Prayer Assist provides prayer equipping for pastors, ministry, non-profit, and business leaders and faith-based organizations toward producing more prayer-energized disciples and ministries.
    Biblical Prayer Equipping: We will begin with the "Biblical Prayer" session.  God has chosen to obligate Himself to the promises in His Word.

    You can view the Biblical Prayer session handout here: https://prayerassist.org/wp-content/uploads/biblical-prayer.pdf

    List of Sessions:

    1. Biblical Prayer: Experiencing the power and confidence of Scripture centered prayer. 
    2. Personal Prayer:  Enjoying Life-Long Intimacy with God Through Prayer.
    3. Intercessory Prayer: Engaging in God-focused, Scripture-centered, promise-driven prayer. 
    4. Praying Your Prayer Share: Engaging every church member in the privilege and passion of prayer. 
    5. Ministering to Others Through Prayer: Learning to pray effectively for others.

    Please let us know if we can partner with you to serve you and your ministry or business. 
    To learn more about Prayer Assist ministry, visit the Prayer Assist website at https://prayerassist.org/
    Our goal is our mission: “To produce more prayer-energized disciples and ministries.”






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