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Dear praying friends:
We are sending this email to remind you to hold on to your 2022 Seek God for the City prayer guides. We are in Day #35 of the 40 day season and so many of you have shared your experiences of faith-filled, united prayer over the last few weeks. But there is more...

On page 50 of Seek God you will find the prayer guide: Ascension to Pentecost - Ten Days of Praise. This guide is dated to lift our attention to the Lord of glory from Ascension Day, May 26 to Pentecost, June 5.

The ten day guide opens with these words: "The first united prayer season of the church got underway on the day that Jesus ascended into heaven. They prayed constantly in the upper room until Pentecost morning. During these ten days, we invite you to join with people from many different countries in giving praise to our magnificent Lord. The following day is Pentecost - a day that Christians celebrate the continuing power and presence of our risen Lord by the Spirit of God."
WayMakers has written these guides to help God's people to pray with solid hope and biblical assurance that God will fulfill His purposes and bring forth all that He intends to do. Let's continue to press in and keep asking for His will to be done here on earth as it is in heaven!
To Him be the glory,
Barb Hawthorne

PS Visit our website at waymakers.org to download a no cost PDF of the Ascension Ten Day guide. The PDF is also printed in Spanish.

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