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Give people a pathway to the Bible . . . and to Jesus | Q Place


It's powerful to give people the chance to be in a group where they can wrestle with questions about life, God, and the Bible.

Without that, people often don't get to a place where they are actually receptive to what the Bible says.

Get equipped and ready to start a group for people you know.

They could be neighbors or co-workers, golfing buddies . . . even relatives.

Wondering what running a group might look like?

Watch this 5-minute video and see!


In Q Place Coaching, you will see how it's really God's agenda at work . . . not ours. We'll help you learn how to invite people to your group, set the stage when they come, and facilitate well as you use materials that are a great fit.

The next round of this online training starts the week of September 25th.

Click here for all dates & times and make plans now to get in on this training!

Jan and the Q Place Team

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Q Place National Field Leader

P.S. Please forward this to other Christians who want to make an eternal difference in the lives of people they know. (Register with 1 or 2 others for a discount!) See details.

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