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Your Prayers Are Tracks For God!


Your Prayers Are 
Tracks For God!

Precious Kingdom Bringer

Tommy Travis, one of my very dear prayer partners has just led us in prayer for this issue of IGNITE. We go on 20-35 mile prayer cycles together and we pray out loud during 70% of our ride time.

There are several railway tracks we go over on our rides and I was reminded of this awesome analogy I read about in this little book called “LET US PRAY” BY WATCHMAN NEE which has revitalized my faith and vision to pray. I have 50 copies and encourage you to ask me for one!

Train Tracks Image

"A brother once observed that God's will is like a train whereas our prayer is like the rails of a train. A train may travel to any place, except that it must run on rails. It has tremendous power to go east, west, south and north, but it can only run to places where rails have been laid. So that it is not because God has no power (He, like a train, has power, great power); but because He chooses to be governed by man's prayer, therefore all valuable prayers (like a train's rails) pave the way for God. Consequently, if we do not take up the responsibility of prayer, we will hinder the fulfillment of God's will.

Be strongly encouraged that your prayers make an impact and when we do not pray there is a piece of rail track missing without which God cannot move.

"Lord would You reveal the vital importance of our prayers and teach us how to pray fervent effective prayers to bring Your Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, in Jesus’ name we pray, Amen."


For the past six months we have been printing all our address labels at a local print shop and a few weeks ago I had a call from our dear Sister Dawn Cervantes saying she could not get the email address list to go through!

Colin Millar - Pray Now!

Another techno-demon at work!! (Dawn oversees the printing, compiling and mailing of this Ignite Prayer Letter~ thank you to you and each one of our 16-team members who contribute to some aspect of publishing IGNITE!)

Well it just so happened that my Sweetie and I were going to be popping into the print shop that evening so said we would take care of it! God desires to participate even in the most mundane routines and trials of life!

I confess that like Dawn I was a little frustrated with this delay. I stood at the counter waiting while this dear lady, who was new to the staff, worked on a project very diligently. She did not even look up for several minutes and while I waited to be served the enemy was playing havoc in my mind to interrupt her or to speak in what would have been an already frustrated voice tone!

Yes, precious Saints, I praise God for each of you that pray for us and the ministry of IGNITING PRAYER ACTION.

Simple Disciplines

Your prayers joined with ours lay the tracks for God to move upon through our lives and our boomerang encouragement to you is that you, too, walk in the simple spiritual disciplines outlined above! 
Because of your prayers, because of time spent alone with God read what God did in the midst of a situation that was ready to erupt into hostile frustration.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 Were The Rail Tracks Of His Word That God moved My Life Upon That Evening. Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

So I waited patiently, at least that is what it looked like on the outside, and eventually the sales clerk looked up from her project and said: “Oh I am so sorry I did not see you, how can I help you?”

Will You Pray Monday Morning from 3am - 6am? If so click here to learn more.

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Hide and Seek!


It's a little before dawn and I walk the 200yds from my comfortable cozy cabin, in the brisk clear air to The Prayer Chapel at Harvest Prayer Retreat Center in Indiana.

The moonlight casts a silver glow over the ice-covered lake. Entering the Chapel I experience the presence of God in the beauty of His creation as I quietly speak out the names of Jesus inscribed in a variety of scripts upon one of the walls.

I sit down at the writing desk and read a description of worship by Richard Foster which started like this: "Worship is living in the reality of God's creation with a heart open to receive all it's glory. Wow for the next nine hours that is what I did and incredibly it seems as if it were but one. As you watch today's PM3 may God give you a desire to come out of hiding in the busyness of life and TAKE A DAY, & BE IN HIS CREATION.

Chkk-Chirrrrrrrrrrrr in the joy we share in Jesus and give away a PRAY NOW blessing today!



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