When You Can Only #SayALittlePrayer

Phil Miglioratti

  • Remember your Creator gave you a body, soul and spirit
  • Begin to take slow, deep breaths (remember, "wind" is a descriptor of the Holy Spirit; think of being filled with the Spirit as you breathe)
  • Try making a fist - hold it briefly -then release for a few seconds, then repeat (to gather then release tension)
  • Repeat simple biblical prayers:
    1. One word prayers: Jesus, Lord, Almighty...
    2. Two word prayers: Help me, Heal me, Lead me, Thank you, Fill me...
    3. Three word prayers: You are my God, Help me pray, forgive my sin, Open my eyes, Soften my heart...
    4. Four word prayers: I submit to you, I trust you Jesus, Your mercy is everlasting...

A "little" prayer is only small in the quantity of words, which become BIG when spoken in faith, with hope, because you are loved.

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  • Thank you Phil, passing on to others... God bless you and your faithful work for Him.

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