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Praying God’s Word Over Your City

Praying God's Word Over Your City will make you more effective in praying for your community. It is a prayer guide that can be used either for a 40-day period of time or as an ongoing prayer guide to pray for your city. You can pray through with an entire congregation, or just as an individual who loves his or her community.

It is divided into 7 sections, each with 5 or 6 days that provide a Scripture, prayer points and a powerful prayer to pray. You will both come to understand God's heart for your city, and learn to pray His Word over it!

Written by Trey and Mary Anne Kent, who are founders of a movement of more than 100 praying churches in Austin, Texas. BuyItHere>>>


Praying God’s Word for Your Business

Praying God’s Word for Your Business is a prayer guide and strategy that will equip and teach business people to depend on God’s wisdom, guidance and power to navigate the difficult pressures of company ownership or leadership.

Especially for a businessman or woman whose company depends upon his or her decisions and abilities to succeed. A great gift for the business men and women in your congregation.

Besides setting the user on a strategic path of daily prayer, Praying God’s Word for Your Business, teaches him or her to pray the Scriptures over decisions, staff, financial success, and serious issues.

This powerful guide starts with simple prayer instruction, an “inventory” section to write down his or her dreams for your company, and then provides 50 Scripture-based prayers to pray and room to journal what God is saying to him or her about his or her business. BuyItHere>>>

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    Praying What Jesus Says




  • With My Congregation ~

    House Of Prayer


    Hinderances to Corporate Prayer


    Greetings Phil,

    As people of prayer we like to hear the phrase "House of Prayer." By what does it mean when we call our church a House of Prayer? How much prayer needs to go on before that title is accurate? This email broadcast shares articles and resources that can help to answer those questions.

    First, I encourage you to take a few minutes to listen to my latest Podcast, "Pray Beyond with Jon Graf." In it I share what this phrase really means and what a House of Prayer actually looks like.

    "What Does It Mean to Be a House of Prayer?"

    I also encourage you to check out the two articles started below: "Hopping on One Stilt" and "God's Name for Us." You will be blessed!




    Hopping on One Stilt

    Hindrances to Corporate Prayer

    By Jon Graf

    A few years ago, I was leading a prayer weekend in a megachurch. It was the third time I had been to that church over a three-year period, so I had built solid trust relationships with the pastoral staff. The church’s prayer coordinator and I had talked months prior about holding a five-minute corporate prayer time within the morning worship service (6,000 attendees in two services).

    We both sensed the congregation was ready for such an event. She was excited, but when we approached the senior pastor about the idea, he was very reluctant to allow it. He believed too many people would be uncomfortable with the thought of praying in groups with others. . . .


    God's Name for Us

    By Dave Butts

    The prayer meeting was to begin at 7:00 pm. So why were people lined up on the sidewalk at 5:00 pm waiting for the doors to the church to open? I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a cold December in Brooklyn, New York, and people were huddled together waiting to come into a prayer meeting. That had not been the case in my previous church prayer meeting experiences! But it was Tuesday night at Brooklyn Tabernacle and it was time to pray. . . .


    Get the Power Pack!

    Every prayer leader and pastor needs to have both Forgotten Power and its sequel Restored Power in their resource arsenal. Get these 2 books together for less when you purchase the Power Pack.

    They are great resources to put in the hands of your elders, pastoral staff, and prayer team members.


    Why Not Connect Today?

    Let Prayer Connect deepen your prayer life with Jesus!

    If you want regular encouragement to pray with more passion and effectiveness, we highly recommend subscribing to Prayer Connect magazine. Subscribe today and let Prayer Connect give you encouragement every three months!

    You will not be sorry you did!

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