It is my prayer that every Christ-follower will read "40 Days of Love" and realize how easy and exciting it is to experience AND express the love of Jesus with their neighbors, co-workers, friends, etc. Our book gives information and inspiration for everyone to live a lifestyle of love every day, with every one, everywhere. I pray that Christ's  love flows through us and fills communities across the U.S, and around the world.

          Co-Author Kathy Branzell

Last year we witnessed thousands of people around the state of Florida engage with the 40 Days of Love. We provided various tools to encourage participants to go deeper in their relationship with God, and in turn to live out a prayer, care, share lifestyle. This year we wanted to go even further by providing a daily devotional that would coincide with the 40 Days. Our desire is that everyone who receives a copy of this book would first of all experience a revival of God's love in their own lives, and then be moved to proactively share Christ's love with others around them. 

The 40 Days of Love devotional book is designed to be applicable whether you've been in ministry for decades or whether this is your first time seeking to step out and share Christ with others. We're very excited by how this partnership has produced a resource we believe will be used by God to stir many hearts towards renewal in their personal journey with Jesus. From that place of personal renewal, we expect to see many experience a revived faith to believe God to transform lives in their community.

Each devotional is broken up into an Experience God's Love section and an Express God's Love section. Every day has practical action steps that are simple yet transformative when applied. You will be encouraged to dig deeper in your walk with the Lord as well as experience the joy of watching your prayers, love and Gospel witness transform the lives of others around you. It is our hope that this resource will change the lives of many both inside and outside of the Church as Christ's love permeates our hearts, our homes and our communities!                                                     Co-Author Chris Vennetti

Scheduled release date is Sept. 1st (Click here to Pre-order the book on Amazon today!)
More info. on the 40 Days of Love: 

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