Why #Reimagine..?

WHY? #Reimagine...

To reimagine is not to change what we believe

but how we think about what we believe.


If we are unable to differentiate between our beliefs (theology, doctrines) and thoughts (ideas, applications, systems, best practices), then we will ultimately be unable to defend our values and discern the foundations of social change and political preferences.

To reimagine, is to rethink, review and revise, prompted by a Holy Spirit revealed fresh-for-our-times application of the unchanging truth of Scripture. We  are blessed by and greatly benefit from but are not bound by tradition. Transformation requires fresh application.

To reimagine is not to rely on human imaginations; just the opposite, it is a yielding to the revelation of the Holy Spirit that infuses human thinking with the mind of Christ which allows us to know the will of our Holy God. A  unique application to our times and our trials. 

To reimagine, individuals – cohort groups - congregations – collaborations, must employ the gifts of the Holy Spirit (especially prayer) and the resource of scripture.

To refuse to reimagine, is actually an act of disobedience, because we are commanded to be transformed by the renewing of our minds so that we ( individually and corporately) demonstrate God's will is good for all. So that means  our leadership and ministries,  not just our personal moral life  must be transformed: our disciple making, prayer, evangelism, church itself…

We should expect the renewing of our mind, a reimagination led by the Spirit, to result in great works for a great God.


Take faith! #Reimagine

Phil Miglioratti

Curator for The #ReimagineFORUM


P.S. Designing YOUR #Reimagine Journey...


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    Tim Keller

    "Envision a day when…”



    Tim Keller – The Strategy for the Renewal of the American Church
    This is the final article in a four-part series on how the American church came to be in decline and what a way forward could look like.
  • #ItSeemsToMe…
    Some people are motivated to tell people what to think. 
    I feel compelled to tell people that they should think.
    Not to be afraid to review and renew.
    Refocus and refresh. 
    If what you believe is true and timeless, you have nothing to lose.
    If you are filled with the Spirit, however, don’t assume you already know everything.
    I am not infallible.
    How about you?

  • Why #ReimagineCHURCH…?


    Because many congregations are using rotary phone mind-sets and methods in a touchtone age (digital; texting; video).


    The http://Reimagine.Network was created to help you make the mindshift .


    “In the decades after 1963, rotary dials were gradually phased out on new telephone models in favor of keypads and the primary dialing method to the central office became touchtone dialing, but most central office systems still support rotary telephones today.”

  • Why we need to #reimagine:

    "It's not a cookbook; it's supposed to inspire some reflection." Henry Kissinger.



  • WHY #Reimagine?

    "There is an old Chinese proverb that says ""If you want to know what water is, don't ask a fish."

    Most fish have no concept of water because most fish have never left the water. Today, we need a critical mass of thoughtful leaders who are self-aware enough to know their own cultural waters." Trinity International University Update

  • #ItSeemsToMe...

    While many evangelicals are resisting change of any kind, the world is recognizing the realities of the 21st century are closer to the reality of the first century Jesus spoke to, rather than the pull to return to the mindset of the mid-20th century.

    "From the call to reimagine public safety and transform systems of punishment into investments in the vulnerable communities, to statues and memorials dedicated to white supremacy being replaced by emancipation symbols of abolition democracy, we have seen how quickly our circumstances can change." Peniel E. Joseph, TIME Magazine

  • 4 Unexpected Signs You're Smarter Than the Average Person

    You may not be an intellectual or "book smart," but you'll find these are the habits of truly smart people.


    Note: Read this article as if "smart people" was synonymous with  "reimaginers..."

  • The #Reimagine Journey is the road less travelled towards God's wisdom
    Did you know that the path of least resistance is seldom the best path?
    Glenn Bleakney
    That’s why so many believers swallow hook, line and sinker, the so-called wisdom of the world...
    Because it is so often the path of least resistance. It's all about cutting corners, short cuts, overnight success without putting in the effort and it seldom delivers true and lasting value.
    James 3 lets us know that there is wisdom from below (earthly wisdom) and wisdom from above (Godly wisdom) with the latter being the one that is truly POWERFUL!
    You don’t want man’s wisdom, even though that is what is most commonly offered by men preying on the naïve and/or desperate. What you need in difficult times, indeed at all times, is the wisdom that comes from above. 
    1 Corinthians 1:30 tells us that “But of Him you are in Christ Jesus, who became for us WISDOM from God…” Paul goes on to tell us that we have been given the very mind of Christ, (1 Corinthians 2:16) who is the possessor of God’s wisdom, the revealer of secrets and the repository of all knowledge.
    As Jesus Himself said, “wisdom is justified by her children.” (Matthew 11:19) So while it may look foolish, the proof is in the pudding as they say. When you think about it, wisdom is like money. It accomplishes what money can do, (and more). Solomon said, “Wisdom is a defense as money is a defense." (Ecclesiastes 7:12)
    Wisdom is not some stored up suite of information. It is inseparable from God’s Word – the Lord Jesus Christ, who became flesh and dwelt among us. (John 1:14) 
    When you have Jesus living in you, you have at your request all the wisdom you need for any situation. If you seem to lack it, ask God who gives to all men liberally, without shaming you and it will be given to you. (James 1:5)
    Accessing this kind of wisdom is just one of the secrets of God that will propel you past (or through) any obstacle.
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  • Why we must #reimagineCHURCH…”not conformed; Spirit-transformed!”
    Quote: @OutreachMag
    More @ The Reimagine.Network


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  • The motivation to reimagine-rethink-review-revise-reset-reformat is a stark realization of the need to change.

    Not faith but focus-functions-formats.

    "Any real change implies the breakup of the world as one has always known it, the loss of all that gave one an identity, the end of safety.

    "And at such a moment, unable to see and not daring to imagine what the future will now bring forth, one clings to what one knew, or dreamed that one possessed.

    "Yet, it is only when a man is able, without bitterness or self-pity, to surrender a dream he has long possessed that he is set free, he has set himself free for higher dreams, for greater privileges."

    ~James Baldwin
    in Nobody Knows My Name

    with thanks to Eric Kouns

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