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“The discipleship that Jesus offers us as his gospel is a matter of following him and learning from him how to live our lives as though he were living them.
The Cost of Cheap Grace
NavPress exists as the publishing arm of The Navigators, whose motto is "to know Christ, make Him known, and help others do the same". We serve to advance the calling of The Navigators by publishing life changing products that are Biblically rooted, culturally relevant, and highly practical. We seek out works that are for clear-thinking, disciplined followers of Christ who are looking to grow spiritually. NavPress provides life-transforming resources that will edify, instruct, and inspire.

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The Cost of Cheap Grace makes a bold, sweeping argument for restoring discipleship to its rightful place at the center of the church’s mission and God’s vision. Reading this book and applying its principles will reinvigorate your evangelism, revitalize your life, and restore world-changing power to the gospel.

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Simple Discipleship is the perfect resource for becoming a better disciple and making disciples. It offers a plan for discipleship that is tailored to your real life and your personality, and clearly pointed in the way of Jesus.

There is an assessment tool for each reader and person in your church, combined with an achievable, personalized discipling strategy. It simplifies discipleship so every follower of Christ can prioritize it.

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    Your Story Matters
    by Leslie Leyland Fields
    Your Story Matters presents a dynamic and spiritually formative process for understanding and redeeming the past in order to live well in the present and into the future. Leslie Leyland Fields has used and taught this practical and inspiring writing process for decades, helping people from all walks of life to access memory and sift through the truth of their stories.
    $16.99    $13.59
    Your Story for His Glory
    by Leslie Leyland Fields
    No matter who you are or your age and stage of life, your story matters. From the tiniest details to the most dramatic events, your story is sacred and worthy of attention. But how do you find and tell that story? In this 8-session DVD curriculum, join Leslie Leyland Fields, Ann Voskamp, and 20 other writers on a step-by-step journey to explore your past and shape your memories into vivid, compelling stories.
    $19.99    $15.99
    The Message of Hope
    The Message of Hope is a sourcebook for your soul’s journey, carefully collected and curated from the Bible. Move from disappointment—both small and large—to a life anchored in Jesus.
    $4.99    $3.74
    The Practice of
    Godliness, A 12-Week Small-Group Curriculum
    by Jerry Bridges
    Growing in godliness involves an ever-deepening devotion to God and developing character that is steadily transformed into His likeness. Learn how an inward foundation of God-centeredness will help you build an outward structure of godliness.
    $17.99    $14.39
    by Jim Wilder
    Through conversations he had with Dallas Willard at the Heart & Soul Conference shortly before Dallas’s death, Jim Wilder shows how we can train our brains to relate to God based on joyful, mutual attachment—which leads to emotional and spiritual maturity as our identity and character are formed by our relationship with God.
    $17.99    $14.39
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