Is Your Gospel Too Small?


Many Pastors and Church Leaders need to cast a bigger net with their Great Commission vision.

To limit the gifts of the Spirit and the ministry of the saints to only what happens in the four walls of the buliding the congregation gather in, is not only unbiblical but it is a foolish strategy.

We must cast it as a bigger “Church” vision that engages believers from several sectors: their congregation, their work/business, their public service (government and NGOs), their tribes (passion-based affinities) This is an expanded view of the Great Commission. Engaging and equipping Christ-servants where they worship, of course, but also where they work and play/live.
Many believer, their point of passion, motvation, connection, is what they do at work or in the community. The church provides the teaching base of that passion/motivation but is not always meant to be the location or situation of implementation. The motivation of the Gospel may be first heard in a sermon or study group, but it may be best and most effectibely expressed in an office or factory, a school or shop, a book club or bowliing league.  
We need city-focused leaders who mobilize the Church, in congregations and across affinities and from sectors, commissioning them into missional ministry where they love adn move and have their being.
Anything less is a vision too small for the Gospel.
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